* en la copa del árbol = at the top of the tree. * la copa del árbol = the top of the tree. * sombrero de copa = top hat. (v.) = overtax. Ex: Currently, they are trying to charge Internet providers more because Internet use is overtaxing the telephone networks. Translate the Spanish term copa to other languages

English words for copa include cup, glass, goblet, drinking glass, mazer and rummer. Find more Spanish words at wordhippo.com! Spanish Copa Del Rey live scores, matches, games Spanish Copa Del Rey live score on livescore18.com. Livescore18 offers the latest livescores and rankings, results, fixtures and match details of Spanish Copa Del Rey English Translation of “copa” | Collins Spanish-English

Copa del Rey (España) Spanish FA Cup. Copa Libertadores (Latinoamérica) Latin American inter-national cup. 5 copas (Naipes) one of the suits in Spanish card deck, represented by a goblet. note See culture box in entry baraja. 6 [de sombrero] crown. sombrero. 7 [de sujetador] cup. quiero un sujetador de copa dura.

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The Spanish Copa del Rey is the second most relevant football competition in Spain. This tournament saw the light in 1902, and its full name is “Campeonato de España – Copa de Su Majestad el Rey" which translates to "Championship of Spain – Cup of His Majesty the King".

copa translations: cup, glass, goblet, drink, treetop, heart. Learn more in the Cambridge Spanish-English Dictionary. Copa Spanish to English Translation Translate copa into English. Find words for copa in English in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir copa de español a Inglés.