After my first Ubunutu Server install (Hardy Heron LTS 8.04), I couldn’t get the local printer setup. Here’s how I fixed it. I’m a linux newbie and was feeling a bit lost without GUI. Several articles I read said gnome on a server was an unnecessary security risk, so I installed Webmin.

Can't access VCSA from web anymore, "conne |VMware Oct 03, 2019 [ubuntu] Can't get Bind9 DNS Server to work - SERVFAIL Dec 29, 2012 Why can’t I connect? – RealVNC Help Center If you’re connecting over the Internet, have you entered VNC Server’s public rather than private network address? If you’re connecting over the Internet, have you configured the remote computer’s firewall and router properly? If you still can’t connect, please contact … Unable to connect remotely to MySQL on a Plesk server

Mar 15, 2011 · Server: Address: ** server can't find REFUSED please help me out i am really in fix. fyi: i can ping by ip but not with name. if i run commands on server all works well but this is only client side, please let me know how to solv it (please text in detail) thanks a lot in advance Rahi

I'm trying to setup a DNS Server using Debian but I keep getting errors when I do nslookup like SERVFAIL or REFUSED. I want to use 3 virtual machines (VM1, VM2 and VM3) and call them that by those names in the DNS Server, I'm using VMWare Workstation 11. Here is my configuration: named.conf.options nslookup: Server can't find XXX: REFUSED - DNS/BIND/DHCP

Why can't the Plex app find or connect to my Plex Media

Bind9 Trouble [SOLVED] ** server can't find When I reload, i get the following. (I also cant seem to find the log files for bind) nslookup -sil Server: Address: ** server can't find SERVFAIL I know i must be missing something silly. (Note I did not make any changes to any … networking - BIND9 as a DNS server refuses requests - Unix The name you are looking up is not part of any zone that you have. The zone that you have configured is named but you are trying to look up the name In addition to this it looks like there is out of zone data inside the zone, but I can only assume that the problem here is actually the zone name.. For any additional errors you may want to look at [SOLVED] Can't find server: Non-existent domain - Windows Jun 05, 2013 DNS forwarder is refusing queries | Netgate Forum