It has the heartbleed bug fix. If you just jump right to a higher build past 21676, there is a chance of bricking it (it was guaranteed in the 23xxx lines, not sure about still in the 27xxx lines). Any 3.x build will have a more limited WAN-LAN speed (to about 100 Mbps) due to various issues. 2.6 can get to about 150, if I remember correctly.

UPDATE: Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability - Linksys Community We are aware of the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability, however after thorough testing of our product lines, we can confirm that our routers are not impacted. Linksys routers do use OpenSSL, however our product line uses another version that is not impacted by this vulnerability. Heartbleed - Linksys Community Yes, your routers aren't vunerable to Hearbleed but does this include old routers like the wrt54g v6 for which there is no firmware update?

Apr 15, 2014

Solved: Live Community - How to escape special characters threat_name == "LinkSys E-series Routers Remote Code Execution Vulnerability(36358)" after validation invariably becomes: - >- threat_name == "LinkSys E-series Routers Remote Code Execution Vulnerability(36358)" which does not seem to work. Several spaces get automatically added between Execution and Vulnerability. If I shorten the threat name DD-WRT

Apr 15, 2014 · Heartbleed: What You Can Do. Linksys WRT1900AC Hands On. Ultimate Mac HD Security! Best Smartphone Password Manager. Horribly Awesome Website.

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