Sep 06, 2017

reactivate definition: transitive verb -·vat·ed, -·vat·ing 1. to make active again 2. to place (an inactivated military unit, ship, etc.) back on an active status to be reactivated How to re-activate Windows 8.1 after mother board change How to re-activate Windows 8.1 after mother board change? I have bought a Dell Laptop 2 years ago which came with Windows 8.1 Home edition. The Hard disk which came with the laptop is still there and it contains the Windows 8.1 installation partition. Reactivate a perpetual license | Download & Install

Mar 10, 2019

Activate vs Reactivate - What's the difference? | WikiDiff

Dec 14, 2012

How to delete and reactivate a license Back to "Activation errors" 2018 Aug 30 ID: 11012 . In some troubleshooting scenarios it is required to delete the current license, and then activate the application once again. To remove an existing license, and activate the application, perform the following actions: How to Reactivate a Desiccant | Sciencing