Security features. Red Hat and Fedora include unique, advanced security features. Could someone list and discuss them? I found ExecShield, SELinux, PIE, NX, FORTIFY_SOURCE, malloc control pointer checks, mudflap. New screenshot. FC4's default look is the Clearlooks theme. Can someone take a screenshot to reflect that?

3.6. Security - Fedora Project sVirt is a technology included in Fedora that integrates SELinux and virtualization. It applies Mandatory Access Control (MAC) to improve security when using virtual machines, and improves security and hardens the system against bugs in the hypervisor that might be used as an attack vector for the host or to another virtual machine. Summary of Linux and Unix Security Features If you already know what those features are, please feel free to skip this section. Many programming guides skim briefly over the security-relevant portions of Linux or Unix and skip important information. In particular, they often discuss ``how to use'' something in general terms but gloss over the security attributes that affect their use. Top 5 Reasons To Use CentOS 7 | Liquid Web Security. In today’s world, security is the primary concern that comes to mind and CentOS has … 2.2.2. Features - Fedora Project

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Home - FEDORA SECURITY Fedora Security Group, is a leading global provider of cost effective, cutting-edge security solutions for commercial and governmental markets. The Fedora Team collectively embodies a unique set of capabilities and hands-on experience in many markets in the security world and in building successful public and private organizations in the U.S Security Lab - Fedora

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Nov 08, 2019 Install Fedora 33 Server - Fedora Server is one of the solutions that have been developed so that both users and administrators have the best security features, compatibility and overall system performance. For this reason, The Paradigm of Security Solutions Is Conservative in Itself Besides the official spin, we created a package group for the Fedora repositories to have it bundled with the Fedora installations and to provide the group install feature. It was just a technical showcase of Fedora security features and tools, in the beginning. But today, the same group is involved in a small sub-project of its own. Fedora 25 End Of Life - Fedora Magazine