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Install Ventrilo Server on Ubuntu 12.04 - Ulyssesonline 2012-8-27 · Ventrilo is a VoIP group communications software used by business users, gamers, or anyone needing group communication. A typical setup usually requires a Ventrilo server and some Ventrilo clients connected to it. The client software is available on Windows and the Mac. ClanT2K Forums - need help with ventrilo server, got no router 2004-10-2

Sep 18, 2010 · Unable to Connect to Specific Ventrillo Server ok I have my own vent server, and havent changed any settings since the last time i was on it, (last night) and all of a sudden i cant connect to my server, though i can connect to other vents still, i even restarted my vent server, my friends can get on my server just fine.

(Note: The server is not hosted by gametracker it is hosted by reality-cs website admins) I thought you would say that but unfortunately the server is working.The proof is that i went to Gametracker and the website said that it was online and working.That is what confuses me i cant connect to the server while other players can because i saw the

From our Ventrilo server to our multitude of game servers, Clanwarz provides an unbeatable service for our thousands of members across the globe. The web interface is extremely user friendly, and customer support is extremely responsive and happy to accommodate special requests.

2010-1-29 · so i cant get vent to work on my computer but i can get ts to. i have a friend who has a vent server is it possibe to connect to it using ts3? i do know for a fact that it wasnt a server he got from ventrilo but it was an old multi meadi server that he had. i this is possible lemme know how! thanks Setting up a Ventrilo server - World of Warcraft Forum 2007-10-16 How do I connect to my Ventrilo server? - Bargain Voice The name can be anything you want it to be like: "My server" or "Joe's server". When entering a server name you don't need the quotes around it. These server names will show up in the main Ventrilo window. 7) Click "OK". 8) Click on the "Hostname or IP" input box and enter the server hostname or IP address given to you by the person hosting the